by Daniel Hafetz

With a decade or less remaining before the worst effects of climate change become irreversible, the headlining issue of this election should have been this looming catastrophe. If Joe Biden wins, we should still conclude there is a mandate to tackle climate change. That’s because the consequences of our rapidly changing climate — how it will shred our social fabric, incinerate notions of equality and justice, devastate global health, and drown our economy — are the same concerns that define this election. …

The vetting of Brett Kavanaugh’s views on presidential power has been a joke. The best response will be at the ballot box.

We have a lot of reasons to worry about Brett Kavanaugh’s likely confirmation to the Supreme Court. There is, of course, the raging controversy over the serious and alarming sexual assault allegations about him which, if true, should be disqualifying at a minimum. …

Daniel Hafetz

Hafetz is a lawyer living in New Jersey.

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